Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You dont need Premium Gas - Save your money for these reasons, Sept 2016, Keys To Save Money News.

Often overlooked when buying a car is the type of gas that it requires. There is no reason non-sports/performance cars should require premium fuel. Its silly that manufacturers design and tune cars designed for everyday use to run on premium fuel. In many areas there is as much as a $1 discrepancy between regular gas an premium, that $1000+ a year would be much better served elsewhere. Pay attention next time you buy a car, eventually manufacturers may notice :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

10 Simple Life Hacks Everyone Should Know! To Help Around The House, Keys 2 Saving News.

Hey girl hey! Welcome back to my channel everyone! Today I want to show you guys 10 simple life hacks t
hat will change your life! A lot of these are so easy and I can't believe I just found out about them! I hope you enjoyed! Also don't forget that this is a collaboration! Go check out Mayra and Tanya's Videos!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How To Cook Less, Save Time, & Money with Mina & Bryton, Key To Save Money News.

I save time, energy, and money by only cooking 3 times a week for my family of 5. I wanted to share my tips on how meal prepping, meal planning, and fresh freezing has worked for my family.

10 Ways On How to Save Money in College And Have Time To Study And Relax, Keys 2 Save Money News.

I’m sharing how to save money in college. Everything from textbooks, clothing, food, and entertainment these will all cost you money. These expenses will be encountered sometime during one's college career. There are ways to save money while in college. Thanks for watching.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR WARDROBE | 7 TIPS For Fast Change, Keys To Save Money News.

I hate being on a budget, but as a college student with a family of my own, being on a budget is a necessity for me. I have a "walk in" type closet that was full of clothes, but after getting rid of clothes that don't look right for my body figure and old clothes that I doubt would ever come back, I'm left with like five tops, a jean and a couple dresses. lol. I'm still working on building my basics wardrobe. ANYWAYS, Side note - you are by far my fav fashion blogger and of course I always look forward to watching your videos! Keep it up!!!!

Minimalism and Saving Money | Small Things I've Stopped Buying, Keys To Save Money News.

What really works for me is doing research about what I would like to buy. It happens so often that the story behind the item isn't as beautiful as the item itself therefore I don't want it anymore. (Hope that makes sense). I really enjoyed these tips and I'd always appreciate more. Have a nice day!